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Car upholstery fabric and faux leather sales and lamination service. Sales of shoes, furniture, handbags, interior and exterior clothing fabric and faux leather. We also provide flame, film glue lamination service.


You can look at our online e-catalog, where you can see more than 500 product types, and order with the product codes.


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Since its establishment, the largest companies in Turkey that produce car upholstery and sheath are selling laminated fabric and faux leather, as well as selling all kinds of fabric and faux leather to shoe, furniture, clothing sectors with and without lamination.

Although our fabrics are our own production, we offer all kinds of fabrics to our customers when needed from abroad.

Rich Product Types

We manufacture and sell fabrics for various industries in international standards with more than 500 product varieties.

Leading Company In The Sector

Our company produces mainly auto sector, shoe sector and furniture sector fabrics.

Global Product Shipping

Our company, which always puts customer satisfaction at the forefront, makes the planning of orders ( domestic and international )with its Intelligent Logistics Solution network and trained personnel and ensures that the orders reach the customer safely with its integrated logistics systems. Our trained personnel plan the shipments of orders and ensure that the orders are delivered undamaged to the delivery points in a minimum time. Together with our technological infrastructure, we provide our services to our valued customers with our dynamic, solution-oriented staff on time, economically and transparently. According to the demands of our customers, we have the opportunity to send orders by land, sea, rail and air to many countries of the world. We aim to manage the needs of our customers not through standardized services, but by creating a difference and with a solution focus.





Why Choose Us?

Quality, reasonable price, on-time delivery, customer satisfaction and more all with Zeliş textile quality…

Quality Product

Our most important difference is that our products are above the quality standards.

Fair Price

We offer our quality products with our affordable price policy.

Timely Delivery

Orders received are delivered at the specified time.

Customer Satisfaction

The most important issue in the company’s principles is ” unconditional customer satisfaction.

Advanced Technology

Our goal is to increase quality and reduce costs by using advanced technology.

Would You Like To Work With Us?

In our company, we conduct a recruitment and placement process based on functional and managerial competencies. In line with our short-and long-term business plans, we determine the need for Human Resources, select and hire candidates who have the competence, knowledge and skills required by this position and who will contribute to the vision and goals of Zeliş Tekstil.

Rich Product Types

1. Product Group

Knitted Lacost-Original Lacost – Wafer Printed Lakost-Rashel Knitted-Digital Printed Rashel Fabric-Micro Alcantara Fabric-Ceiling Fabric-Interlock Fabric-Sukuba Fabric

2. Product Group

Jacquard Weaving-Cotton Weaving-Velour Velvet-Imported Tights-Domestic Tights-Velvet Fabric-Jib-Woven Suede-Imported Suede-Airfile-Sponge Sale-Fiber Sale

3. Product Group

Artificial Leather-Quilted Leather-Quilted Velour-Quilted Jacquard-Ground Floor Tarp – Bus Velvet – Glue Glue-Felt-Soft Carpet

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Address of quality and trust

As Zeliş Testil, with its corporate structure in accordance with the law and moral rules, the management that produces with an environment-valued approach, supports consumer protection and awareness, and creates value for the society and our customers as a company that adopts its shape, we are the address of quality and trust.

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